Lifelike : Short film with Richard Jutras, Paula Davis and Tobie Pelletier

Mission Kathmandu : The Adventures of Nelly and Simon - Animated film with Rachelle Lefevre, Colm Feore and Noel Fisher

Nelly et Simon - Mission Yeti : Animated film with Sylvie Moreau, Guillaume Lemay- Thivierge and Rachid Badouri

Troll: The tale of tail - Animated film (Sagatoon Prod) Director Kevin Munroe

Snowtime (La Guerre Des Tuques) : Animated Film with Director Jean-Francois Pouliot and actress Sandra Oh

Turbo Kid Dir : François Simard with Laurence Leboeuf and Munro Chambers

Boost Director : Darren Curtis

Snow Time (La Guerre des tuques) Animated film with Director Jean-François Pouliot

Icicles | Director : Lizzie Rose

The Spirit Of Niagara: Short film

Dedspell [2013] Dir : Jack Hackle with Claudia Jurt and Matthew Kabwe. Video HERE.

Hot Dog {2012} Dir: Marc-André Lavoie with Paul Doucet, Rémy Girard & Éric Salvail

Science Friction {2012} Dir: Liam Kiernan with Stephanie Kolmar & Spencer Heney

Laurence Anyways {2012} Dir: Xavier Dolan with Melvil Poupaud, Suzanne Clément & Nathalie Baye

Shadowboxing (feature) Directed by Jesse Klein

Looking for Anne (feature) with Daniel Pilon dir. Claude Gagnon

Lullaby for Pi (feature) with Michael Clark Duncan, produced by Christine Vachon

Death Race (feature) Directed by Paul WS Anderson, Produced by Tom Cruise Starring Jason Statham and Joan Allen

Enter the Void (feature) Director Gaspar Noe

Martyrs (feature) Director Pascal Laugier

The Incredible Hulk (feature) Starring Ed Norton, Liv Tyler

Restless (feature) Director Amos Kollek

I Me Wed - Lifetime - Réalisateur: Craig Price, Producteurs: Jesse Prupas (Muse Entertainment), Mettant en vedette: Erica Durance, Cara Pifko, Paul Popowich

Délivrez-Moi - Réal: Denis Chouinard, Comediens: Genevieve Boujold & Celine Bonnier

1st Bite - Réalisateur: Hunt Hoe, Mettant en vedette: David LaHaye & Michael Ironside, Thailand/Canada

Kamataki - Réal: Claude Gagnon, Mettant en vedette: Matt Smiley & Tatsuya Fuji, Japon/Canada

The Glass House (feature) Production Romania-USA

Bikini Girls on Ice(feature) Director Geoff Klein with Suzi Lorraine

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